VINS Infrastructure

Plant 1 consists of sheds for housing of equines, sick bay, and rehabilitation area of Equines. There is a pathology lab.

Serving medical needs across a diverse global market, VINS has been expanding and modifying its services consistently. To further step-up its progress, the company has built a world-class antisera manufacturing unit at Thimmapur, with two state-of-the-art plants.


Plant 1: The manufacturing facility is supported by a well-isolated Equine Farm and a plasma block. The Farm is spread across an area of 261,360 Sq. Ft. (6 Acres) and includes well-structured animal sheds, exercise grounds, sick animal bays, treatment bays, feed & fodder setup and clinical pathology lab. The animal farm complies with the CPCSEA norms. The plasma block is spread over 8,600 Sq. Ft.

Small Animal Lab: We have a small animal lab housing Swiss Albino mice, guinea pigs and Rabbits.


Plant 2: This plant is spread over an area of 5.58 acres, and consists of an integrated production facility with an area of 30,988 sq. ft., a QC lab connected with QA spread over 6,569 sq. ft., an animal bleeding and testing house at 10,000 sq. ft., a utility block at 4000 sq. ft. and Effluent Treatment Plant at an area of 4,000 sf. ft.

In the plant 2, at the ground floor, we have our warehouse and production facility. The first floor accommodates R & D and offices. The second floor comprises of Quality control and Quality Assurance sections.

Quality Control

VINS continues to reinvent itself to assure quality delivery to its customers.
VINS BIO, besides having well-equipped QC laboratories, also employs a team of highly experienced workforce to maintain its superior quality standards. Our employees undergo timely training of industry practices and new technology to ensure that they imbibe and incorporate the latest advances in production and quality testing. Working as a team, our scientists have developed and adapted special tests to ensure Total Quality Management.